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Mia takes commercial and public sector clients alike on a guided journey towards doing business together.

We offer specialist advice on business and procurement practices in the public and private sectors, with a particular focus on helping companies generate business opportunities with government. Our comprehensive suite of consulting services includes developing strategic engagement strategies for both businesses and government, support for tendering, procurement and governance, project management, and quality management. We also deliver a range of tailored workshops, seminars and events on behalf of private industry, universities and government.

Put simply, Mia gets government. We listen, we learn, and we share our knowledge.

Featured About Image

Mia was founded in 2010 in recognition of the fact many businesses were missing out on government business simply due to a lack of insight into how government operates.

Our combined depth of experience in government procurement and program delivery allows Mia to bridge the gap and help companies engage confidently with government and win business. Built on a platform of candour, opportunity, integrity and clarity, Mia demonstrates effective communication and responsiveness in all projects.

Mia is highly regarded within government and commercial circles, for not only our knowledge and insight but our effective and proven ways of getting results.