Case study: Mia tendering workshop helps freelance editor do business with government

Embracing the challenge of growing her freelance proofreading and editing business into government circles, Terri Grote registered for Mia’s Winning Government Business Program (now offered as two complementary workshops: Complex Tender Writing and Creating Business Opportunities with Government) to demystify the process.

Less than two months after Terri completed Mia’s government business and tendering workshop, her business Academic Expressions was listed on one government department’s third-party supplier list and accepted on the whole of Victorian Government’s marketing services register.

“The course gave me great confidence and a proven strategy for approaching government and responding to tenders. Now it’s up to me. I know that if I carry out my strategy, I will get business.”

Terri Grote, Academic Expressions: “I came away believing that yes, I can do this!"
Terri Grote, Academic Expressions: “I came away believing that yes, I can do this!”

Understand how to access government

As Terri points out, government can be a complicated organisation with its own unique culture. “I needed someone to break it down and help me understand how my business and unique skills could fit into government. Government is a beast of its own, but now I understand how it can be accessed!

“I can’t say enough about Deirdre Diamante, the course facilitator. She explained things really well and her knowledge about government is phenomenal – as is the breadth of her contacts. We heard from high-level government speakers – and my follow-up meeting with one of these directly led to a meeting that has a high chance of leading to business.”

Understand how your business fits

For Terri, the most valuable aspects of the government business and tendering workshop were the revelation of her unique selling points and the provision of information and examples specific to her business. “When you’re a sole operator, it’s easy to think you’re too small to offer anything of value. But Deirdre was able to illustrate exactly how and where my business can make a difference to government – and indeed to all my clients.

“I came away from the course believing that yes, I can do this! All I need is persistence.”


Mia will deliver the Complex Tender Writing workshop in 2016 on Thursday 14 July. Visit our EVENTS page for further dates and information about Mia workshops.

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