Deirdre Diamante to be Principal for a Day at Kingswood College

Lookout, students at Kingswood College in Box Hill… Mia founder and director, Deirdre Diamante, is heading your way to be Principal For A Day.

For one ‘normal’ school day, Deirdre will shadow the Principal of Kingswood College, Ms Elisabeth Lenders, to gain insights on some of the issues facing schools, plus share ideas and perspectives on the relationship between business and education.

Deirdre, mother of three and passionate advocate for children to take up STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), is looking forward to walking a few miles in Ms Lenders’ shoes.

“I strongly believe that teaching is one of the most important jobs in society,” Deirdre says. “Teachers have the power to create a thirst for learning, innovation and entrepreneurship. And school principals, as both education and business leaders, are so important in creating and fostering this environment for teachers and students to thrive.”

Deirdre says she is looking forward to watching Elisabeth in action. “I’m keen to learn from her leadership and hopefully share some of my insights into leadership, culture and governance. Any ideas we can also share on building children’s interest in STEM subjects and pursuing STEM careers is high on my agenda.”

“It’s a great privilege to be principal of Kingswood College, and it will be a fantastic opportunity for Deirdre to be privy to the inner workings of our school,” says Elisabeth.

“The role of a principal is one that is often misunderstood in the community in terms of what happens in a day, so it’ll be great to break down some of these misconceptions, and have the opportunity to collaborate with a leader who is passionate about education and its role in the lives of our young people.”

The Principal For A Day event, which takes place on Tuesday 3 September, is an initiative of the Australian Council for Education Research. It aims to increase understanding, awareness and partnerships between schools, businesses and the community by providing leaders with firsthand and current experiences of schools.

Marcello Diamante, Mia Director and Chief Financial Officer, will also take part in the Principal For A Day program at Montmorency Secondary College in Melbourne’s north-east.

“I thank the Department of Education and Training and ACER for this valuable program,” says Deirdre. “I encourage all business leaders to consider the value to them personally, their business and, importantly, our children by signing up for next year’s Principal for a Day program.”

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