Digital Marketplace – Why set up your stall?

An increasing number of Victorian and federal government buyers are using the Digital Marketplace to procure technology products and services. Here’s why you need to get in on the action.

Roll up, roll up, roll up to the Digital Marketplace!

There are stalls available for every kind of digital (ICT) product and service you wish to sell.

Aaaand the marketplace is full of government buyers!

digital marketplace

A Digital Marketplace, you say?

The Digital Marketplace is a government web portal set up to help small to medium businesses compete for the federal government’s $6 billion annual spend on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), products and services.

It stands to transform how government buys digital and technology services by creating an online ecosystem where government buyers and sellers can connect. Put simply, businesses can register in the Digital Marketplace to sell products and services to government in up to 12 categories:

  • Strategy and policy
  • User research and design
  • Agile delivery and governance
  • Software engineering and development
  • Change, training and transformation
  • Marketing, communications and engagement
  • Cyber security
  • Data science
  • Emerging technologies
  • Support and operations
  • Content and publishing
  • Recruitment

The Digital Marketplace has been established by the Australian federal government, but is also open to local, state and territory government agencies. It will remain open until February 2020.

Why register?

If you are a technology business with any interest in winning government work (now, or at some stage in the future), we strongly recommend you register as a Digital Marketplace seller. Do it now, there’s no point delaying.

Why? Many local, state and territory government buyers are already using the Digital Marketplace. And, while local procurement rules apply, some government entities use this register exclusively rather than approaching the open market.

So if you want to work with government – and the federal government in particular – registering for the Digital Marketplace is your first step. In fact, for a government agency to request quotes under the marketplace, businesses must be registered to be eligible.

However, it’s worth noting that registering is simply the first step. To be successful, you must also be known to your target audience. The marketplace is just that – a competitive market with a large number of suppliers. The next step is to engage with your target government audience and create a compelling reason in them to include you in their list of bidders. For more information on how to engage with and make yourself known to government, see our post on How to create a Government Engagement Strategy.

Registering as a Digital Marketplace seller

To become a registered seller in the Digital Marketplace, you need to set up your stall (so to speak) so buyers can browse your wares. This means registering for those categories relevant for your products and services.

For each category of interest to your business, you need to register separately. This means satisfying specific assessment criteria and providing a brief case study (200 words) to support your claims in that category – including your capacity to meet the requirements of the category.

Digital Marketplace submissions are entered via web forms with strict word limits, so take the time to make sure your response is targeted and succinctly covers all the points outlined in the assessment criteria. Also, never assume knowledge: provide context and explanations of all technical jargon and your products.

Make sure you convey concisely to the evaluator why you should be included as a seller and that you fully understand what is required.

How Mia can help

We expect to see an increasing number of Victorian as well as federal government agencies making use of the Digital Marketplace. This includes the many federal agencies that have an on-the-ground presence in Victoria. (See our post on Gain federal government work from the comfort of home.)

So… registering for the Digital Marketplace is fast becoming one of the quickest and most effective routes to securing government contracts in technology.

But it is important to get the registration process right – to make sure you are accepted as a seller.

This is where Mia can help. We work with clients to walk you through the process and ensure submissions (including case studies) are optimised for favourable evaluation by government assessors. We’ve already helped clients become registered sellers.

For an example of how the Digital Marketplace has made a difference to one of our clients, read our case study: Elabor8 helps government get Agile | Mia coaches the coach.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Digital Marketplace or contact us today.

P.S. The Digital Marketplace is not the only government prequalification register. See our recent post on other schemes.

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