Driving #TechDiversity – a new voice for change

Mia is immensely proud to be a driving force behind Victoria’s new #TechDiversity initiative – an initiative that brings together a number of organisations and businesses to focus on raising awareness and establishing frameworks to increase the participation of women and minority groups in the digital technology industry.

The #TechDiversity initiative, which will be publicly launched in the coming weeks, has grown in the wake of the Mia-sponsored Women in Technology Driving for Change event, held in July 2015. Mia Director Deirdre Diamante, co-founder of #TechDiversity, says the initiative aims to generate conversation, collaboration and action among a committed #TechDiversity community – with the overall view to raising the profile of technology diversity and its impact on the digital economy.

“This is an incredible opportunity to work with a group of like-minded organisations that have united under the #TechDiversity banner,” said Deirdre. “The challenge of increasing female participation in the technology workforce is complex and requires broad commitment. Acknowledging our individual organisations’ strengths, we recognise that together our voice will be louder, our reach wider and our messages amplified.”

This collaborative approach will help #TechDiversity achieve its vision for the digital industry to become the industry of choice for all, with inclusion built into all facets of the digital industry sector – specifically education, business, government and advertising culture.

The #TechDiversity leadership team comprises 13 representatives of industry organisations (including the Australian Computer Society, Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), Females in IT and Telecommunications, Vic ICT for Women, and Seniorpreneurs) and several businesses (including Mia, Artesian Venture Partners, Method9, and Nexec Leaders).

The cornerstones of the #TechDiversity initiative in its first year comprise quarterly networking functions for members of the #TechDiversity community, a recognition and awards program (opening soon), and an annual gala dinner (4 August 2016).

To get involved or express interest, please contact Deirdre Diamante.

Read Deirdre’s post on Why TechDiversity will help drive Melbourne’s economic growth.

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