Government Insight: The new Victorian ICT Strategy

Today Geoff Beggs, Active Executive Director, Enterprise Solutions (Department of Premier and Cabinet), discusses Victoria’s new ICT Strategy.

Geoff Beggs - ICT Strategy

1. Is there a change of emphasis in the new 2016 Victorian ICT Strategy, compared with the 2014 strategy?

The underlying principles and directions of our new ICT Strategy build on global trends in ICT. The new strategy reflects our focus on broad, whole-of-Victorian-Government thinking, rather than specific agency actions.

2. The core focus of the ICT strategy seems to be on better delivery to the citizen. Can you briefly describe how this strategy underpins that citizen delivery?

We want Victorians to easily and effectively interact with government. Delivering digital government services to citizens is a key part of our new strategy, but we will also cater to people who can’t engage with us digitally. One of the major deliverables in our strategy is the development of Service Victoria, which aims to modernise the delivery of high-volume government transactions, including a digital distribution channel for simple, high-volume transactions.

3. How would you suggest technology businesses engage with government, using this strategy as a starting point?

Vendors who offer services in line with specific strategy actions will address the government’s key areas of interest. If vendors aim to engage with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, they should emphasise the clear link between their services and the strategy’s specific actions.

For the broader government, services should be proposed in line with strategy principles. As a whole, the Victorian Government aims to align its approach to the strategy.

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