Deirdre Diamante to present at Government Procurement and Contract Law summit

Mia Director Deirdre Diamante has been invited to speak at the annual national Government Procurement and Contract Law summit, to be held 24-25 October 2019 in Canberra.

Deirdre Diamante Mia

Presented by Learning Network Solutions, the two-day summit is for public sector professionals in contracts and procurement management. The central theme of the summit will be the impact of technology, change and legal framework on government procurement and contracts in the new modern economy.

Deirdre will speak on the morning of 25 October. Her presentation on ‘Better Practice in Government Procurement from Modern Governments’ will focus on how government procurement practices can evolve to enable government to achieve its business outcomes and priorities, rather than be just a mechanism to deliver cost efficiencies. However, the right balance must be achieved: for a modern government procurement must be data driven, outcome focused and compassionate.

Other speakers will present on an array of topics that include the importance of early supplier engagement, supplier lifecycle management, agile procurement and governance.

For more information on the summit, download the flyer here. Also see our posts about objectives for government procurement reform:

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