Introducing Mia’s Government Sales Accelerator program

Get a flying start towards winning government business with Mia’s new Government Sales Accelerator program.

Mia is delighted to introduce our new Government Sales Accelerator program for companies seeking to sell products and services into government. The program incorporates several of our foundation services in a three-month intensive that will establish the ideal launch platform for a successful government sales and engagement campaign.

“Whether you’re a company of three people or three thousand people, the preparatory steps and approach strategies for government are more or less the same,” said Deirdre Diamante, Director Mia. “We’ve designed this program to cover the most important aspects so that companies of any size can hit the ground running. We also wanted the program to be finite, digestible and accessible to give businesses the confidence to keep going.”

Mia Government Sales Accelerator programDelivered in stages over three months, the Government Sales Accelerator program includes two private Mia workshops, advice and recommendations around government registers and panels, development of a focused government sales strategy, and government engagement coaching by Mia consultants.

The key outcomes of the program include learning how to:

  • Navigate the unique government purchasing environment
  • Position a business to receive requests for quotations and invitations to tender from government
  • Win government bids, tenders, proposals and grants
  • Identify and create government business opportunities before they become public knowledge

The Government Sales Accelerator program is ideal for those companies with government factored in their growth strategy – but who are still trying to figure out how and where to start. For more information, download the two-page Government Sales Accelerator program flyer or contact Mia directly.

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