Mia guides Independent Demolition to government contracts

Mia tender support services help a Melbourne demolition company get their head around the government tendering process – leading to not one, but two, government contracts.

“Victoria’s Big Build” is seeing many large government construction projects going out for tender – so many, in fact, that there is growing opportunity for companies that haven’t previously worked with government to become suppliers. But navigating the government procurement environment can present a challenge for companies unfamiliar with government tendering process.

Independent Demolition, a Melbourne-based company specialising in commercial and industrial demolition, admits being a bit daunted by the government tendering process when it first sought to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the government construction boom.

Independent Demolition government tendering process Mia tender support
Independent Demolition demolished the old Capi Water Warehouse in South Melbourne.*

“If you haven’t been through a government tender before,” says Sarah McLauchlan, Director at Independent Demolition, “it seems pretty challenging. Government requires a lot of detail about your business, your processes and your past projects. We knew we had all the information, but we were not sure we could get it into our response in a way that showed us in our best light.”

The art of demolition

Independent Demolition brings the planning and precision usually associated with construction to the process of demolition, which is often the crucial first stage of a building development project. The company is known throughout the industry for its safety, reliability and quality. Good demolition is about more than simply bringing down a building – it can include asbestos removal, façade retention, bulk excavation, remediation, recycling and community consultation.

To obtain support with the government tendering process, Independent Demolition approached Mia Consulting Services, on the recommendation of a construction industry colleague. Carol Benton, Mia’s Director of Bids and Grants, met with Sarah and Managing Director Luke McLauchlan to discuss Mia tender support and confirmed that Mia could help them.

“Carol explained that responding to a tender is not only about showing that you can do the job, because everyone bidding can probably do the job,” says Sarah. “So it’s also about showing how you set yourselves apart: how you add extra value and how you are different from, and better than, all your competitors.”

The art of tendering

Over the next couple of weeks, the Mia tender support team worked with Sarah to pull together all the content required for a specific tender, including some really innovative suggestions for how Independent Demolition could add value to the government department. These included an offer to track the carbon emissions on the project and to engage a company to offset these emissions by planting trees. It also included an offer to take time-lapse photography, as well as drone and video footage of the demolition works, to produce a video package for the government to use.

The tender document itself didn’t give much scope to show this added value and differentiation, being mainly forms with prescriptive fields, so under Mia’s guidance the added value was captured in an executive summary.

The submission went in and Sarah and Luke were delighted when they were told a couple of months later that Independent Demolition had won the business.

The art of learning

As it turned out, there was a bonus benefit of working with the Mia tender support team – the win ended up being Independent Demolition’s second government contract. “Working with Mia on our first tender gave us so much confidence that we went for a second one, on our own, which we also won. By the time we heard we’d won the initial bid, it was actually our second win!” Sarah says.

Carol says that Independent Demolition is exactly the sort of client with whom Mia loves to work. “It’s easy to think that there is not a great deal of differentiation in an industry like demolition. But Sarah’s ‘outside the box’ thinking shows that you can find ways to differentiate yourself in any situation,” she says.

“I love the fact that Sarah was able to take what she learned from us working together and apply it to another tender. She has gained skills around the government tendering process that will help Independent Demolition go to even greater strengths.”


About Independent Demolition

Independent Demolition Pty Ltd was born in 2014 with the aim of creating a demolition company with a difference. The company is committed to professionalism, reliability, building great client relationships and environmental integrity.

*Main image: Independent Demolition were engaged by the City of Port Phillip as principal contractor to demolish the old Capi Water Warehouse at Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne, to help facilitate Victoria’s first vertical school. The warehouse and office abutted public spaces on all sides and included 2500 square metres of asbestos roof and underground storage tanks.

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