Government Insight: Trends in ICT and Public Transport Victoria

This month we’ve asked Carolyn de Gois, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Public Transport Victoria, to share her insights on the ICT sector and how to engage with government CIOs.


What are the three things most likely to catch your attention when you are approached by a business regarding a particular service or proposal? (Conversely, is there anything that is an immediate deal-breaker?)

A solid understanding of my business, including knowledge of where they can add greatest value without asking the overused question “What keeps you awake at night?”, will arouse my curiosity to understand a business’s offering. If a vendor is able to demonstrate an immediate return on investment (ROI) for their product that is able to target the area of greatest need in my business, they will get my attention immediately.

Conversely, if a vendor asks to meet with me to discuss what are my key priorities, and to better understand my business, I will be less inclined to give up my time to help educate a vendor who hasn’t done their own background research.

Many businesses think they need to meet with the CIO of an organisation to achieve maximum impact, but is this always the best strategy?

Working in isolation of the business, or indeed only with the CIO, does not achieve the best outcome for any business. Any IT vendor should be thinking of how they can achieve a collaborative dialogue between the CIO and the relevant part of the business where their expertise can add greatest value.

Using your crystal ball, what do you think will be the most exciting trends in ICT and/or the public transport sector over the next 1-5 years?

The buzz phrase is definitely “BIG DATA”. This is a most exciting area for anyone in ICT at the moment and will have a dramatic impact on how we interact with our customers, both internally and externally. The ability to provide our customers with an improved public transport experience through the use of easy-to-use, real time and predictive information will be our key priority over the short to long term.

Our ability to provide this improved experience will be based on our agility and quality of information to market. The key will be innovation that is collaboratively driven across the business; not just from within one part of the business but as a joint partnership between ICT and the business.

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