Government Insight: Digital Government

In our ‘Government Insight’ series, we ask a member of Victoria’s public sector to share their views on a specific government initiative or strategy.
Today we welcome Claire Foo, Executive Director Information Services, Information Services Division
 Corporate Services, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP), to talk about the department’s digital government program.

Claire Foo, Executive Director Information Services

Can you provide a summary overview of the department’s digital government program?

Digital First is an exciting program that will transform the way we do things here at DELWP and how we connect with the Victorian community. We’ll use digital to help us become more customer focused, more innovative, more responsive and informed. It’s also about making sure we have the right mix of capability, culture, innovation, engagement, services, data and technology to enable this change and support the program’s initiatives.

Digital First does not cover every piece of IT, communications and digital across the department; it is about driving and embracing those key digital initiatives that will help move the department closer to a world class standard of customer and service delivery and collaborative policy and program formulation.

What do you see are the broad agency challenges under this program?

There are many challenges in such a large transformation program, but one of our biggest focus areas is culture. We have a large and disparate workforce, many based in regional areas, and getting staff on board with a change of this scale is critical to its success. Also, specifically from a CIO point of view, we need to get the technology foundations right to support the transformation. Again, this is a significant and complex challenge.

What are some of the wider government issues relating to the focus on ‘Digital Government’?

The challenges that are specific to DELWP are quite common across government. As a member of the Victorian Government CIO’s council, we are focusing on ensuring the government’s technology foundations are set up to support our digital future. It’s an exciting time to be a CIO though, as our role and the role of Information Services in general is changing at a rapid pace. It’s up to us to keep in step with the change.

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