Mia guest columnist in ICN’s Victorian Prospect

Earlier this week, the Industry Capability Network (ICN) published its second issue of The Victorian Prospect, a longer-format online publication chock-full of articles shining the light on local industry and providing tips for improving local capability.

We’re proud to announce that Mia is a guest columnist in this issue of The Victorian Prospect – and will provide articles for future issues too.

In the June issue, Deirdre’s article about navigating government local investment policies (VIPP, LIDP etc) is featured over five pages. The rest of the publication also makes great reading.

There’s a fair amount of synergy between what ICN does and what Mia does. For one thing, we’re both passionate about local industry development and small to medium enterprises. The whole aim of ICN is to maximise local participation in government projects, striving for sustainable local alternatives that represent good value.

We look forward to sharing more of ICN’s great initiatives and industry events with you. But you could go one better – register your business for the ICN Gateway and signup for their mailing list to hear about industry briefings, meet the buyer sessions and other events.

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