New digital bidder portal for Local Industry Development Plans

Required for some Victorian government bids under the Local Jobs First policy, Local Industry Development Plans (LIDP) must now be prepared and submitted online via ICN Victoria’s new VIPP Management Centre.

If you’re a government supplier, or aspiring to be, the chances are you’ve heard about Victoria’s Local Jobs First policy. You may also have encountered or prepared a Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP), which is a mandatory bidding requirement for some projects under the policy.

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Local Jobs First drives industry development and the provision of opportunities for local businesses.

Until recently, LIDPs were supplied as a separate, manually prepared document. Bidders answered their questions offline in a Word template, which included embedded spreadsheets for their local content figures, then uploaded the final document onto the ICN portal.

But in July the Industry Capability Network (ICN) launched a new and improved VIPP Management Centre (VMC), which supports the online preparation and submission of LIDPs. Bidders now provide their narrative answers and local content commitments directly into the VMC, which is accessed via a different URL to the previous portal. The wording of questions has not changed between the old and new systems; all that has changed is the way that bidders submit answers. (Refer to ICN Victoria’s Local Jobs First hub for more information.)

ICN Victoria assists with implementing the Local Jobs First policy on behalf of the Victorian Government, providing assessment services and assistance to both government buyers and suppliers. Important points for bidders to note are:

  • Government market approach documentation will always state when an LIDP (and other requirements under Local Jobs First) is required. Also see the Local Jobs First Policy Supplier Guidelines.
  • All submitted LIDPs must be acknowledged by the ICN.
  • Before submitting your final LIDP for acknowledgement, you can submit earlier to obtain assistance from the ICN. While they cannot advise on how to respond, your ICN contact can point to areas that might need more work. The stated response time for assistance is 48 hours, but we recommend allowing more. Also see the online training guide.
  • Bidders must be registered with ICN Victoria’s VMC to submit an LIDP. (Existing accounts may be used to login to the new VMC.)
  • The new VMC is applicable for all tenders released from 1 July 2019. All previously active tenders will continue to progress through the original VMC and manual LIDP word document submission process.

Using the new bidder portal

There is nothing to stop bidders from preparing LIDP responses offline as a precursor to transferring responses into the online VMC fields via cut/paste. This may actually be preferable for bidders who wish to build and review their responses iteratively. In this case, you would need to create a Word and/or Excel template to populate with your answers. Be aware, however, that it could take some time to transfer the content of a large local content commitment table (prepared in Excel, for example).

The VMC tool graphics are also a helpful way of showing how far through the document you are, along with the status of your responses. (The circles along the progress line are shown as an outline when that section is empty and solid when you have entered content.)

About Local Jobs First

Local Jobs First strengthens the Victorian Government’s commitment to industry development and the provision of opportunities for local businesses – including small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) – to supply into government projects. Its two main elements are the Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG) and the Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP). Also see our post – Victorian Government commits to Local Jobs First


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