Mia joins Gateway Review panel for government project governance

In reflection of Mia’s passion for strong governance of government projects, two more of our team have joined Mia Managing Director Deirdre Diamante on the Victorian Government’s Gateway Review panel.

Gateway Reviews are a project assurance tool used by the Victorian Government to improve the planning selection, management and investment of high-value and high-risk projects.

The review process is designed to address some of the staggering statistics surrounding both public and private sector organisations:

“80% of initiatives are either not used, or not used in the way they were intended, 6 months following project delivery.”

“70% of initiatives that are critical to organisation success fail to achieve their intended benefits.”

There are many reasons for these statistics, but at heart is the need for strong project governance and procurement. Done well, procurement and governance enable strong outcomes for public and private sector organisations alike. If the processes are adhered to, all buyers are more likely to achieve their desired business outcomes and benefits.

These processes should not be considered barriers to project progress or time wasters, but rather practices that help to steer a project, of even enable it to achieve its outcomes, including at times of higher risk.

Embracing Mia’s passion for procurement and project governance, David Watt (Director Government Engagement) and Diem Huynh (Chief Operations Officer) recently completed Gateway Review training, joining Deirdre as accredited Gateway Reviewers. This means the team is eligible for selection to a review panel for projects aligned with Mia’s expertise.

The Gateway Review process uses an independent external reviewer team to examine large government projects and programs at six key decision points in their lifecycle, with the view to providing timely and confidential advice about progress and likelihood of delivery success. It is mandatory for high-value, high-risk infrastructure investments, and is designed to ensure these strategic projects stay on track and achieve their desired outcomes.

The six stages of review (or “Gates”) are:

Gate 1: Concept and feasibility

Gate 2: Business case

Gate 3: Readiness for market

Gate 4: Tender decision

Gate 5: Readiness for service

Gate 6: Benefits analysis

In Victoria, the Gateway review process is delivered and managed by the Department of Treasury and Finance.

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