Case study: Mia guides Gatso to major contract

Mia’s government understanding and tender support helped Sensys Gatso Group AB win preferred supplier status for a major government contract.

As part of a project to introduce electronic road safety and traffic enforcement systems at 20 new sites across Melbourne, the Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR) released a tender for the supply of equipment and associated road and civil construction services. This was immediately identified by Sensys Gatso Group AB (Gatso), a company with a leading reputation in road safety traffic cameras and civil compliance systems, as a great business opportunity.

Gatso has a leading reputation in road safety traffic cameras and civil compliance systems.
Gatso has a leading reputation in road safety traffic cameras and civil compliance systems.

Gatso, which already maintains several such sites with its technology in Melbourne, knew it had the technical expertise and resources to propose a solution complying with the stringent technological requirements. The company also had some innovative ideas around the solution it wanted to present to DJR as part of the bid.

To make sure Gatso’s complete tender response was favourably received by the DJR assessors, the company approached Mia for guidance and tender support in shaping and enhancing its response.

Know what government is looking for

In the first instance, Mia assisted Gatso to improve its responses to the original RFT, including making sure all Mia’s “Ten Tips for Winning Government Business” were adhered to and that, as a Victorian firm with an international parent, Gatso had a strong Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) statement. Mia also helped Gatso to identify and effectively communicate its unique value proposition in terms that would resonate with its government audience.

In addition, Gatso drew upon Mia’s government knowledge for advice on how the total offer, including the innovative aspects, could be best shaped and received by the DJR within the conditions of the existing procurement process.

While the proposed solution would be advantageous for Gatso commercially, the most important element was successfully communicating the advantages that would be gained by DJR. It was particularly important Gatso clearly demonstrated the added value over and above what would be achieved through the substantive tender process.

Preferred supplier status

Gatso’s tender response was ultimately assessed as one of the leading compliant submissions, based on both technological solution and value for money. This opened the door to discussions with DJR about the additional innovations contained within Gatso’s proposal. After deep and detailed clarification between Gatso and DJR, Gatso was awarded preferred supplier status for all 20 sites in October 2015.

“Mia helped in two ways: First, they improved the way we expressed the value of our solution to DJR, and second, they gave us clarity around the commercial deal limits the DJR could consider within their procurement framework. Both aspects proved crucial to our success.” – Enzo Dri, Managing Director Gatso Australia

Mia's experienced tender support helped Gatso win a major contract.
Mia’s experienced tender support helped Gatso win a major contract.

Images courtesy of Gatso.

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  1. Stefan

    When is this contract plan to install and how many camaeras talk we about totaly on all 20 sites?

    1. Mia

      Hi Stefan – thanks for your interest in this story. Unfortunately we can’t comment on aspects of this project beyond Gatso’s tender submission leading to the award of the contract. We recommend you approach DJR to receive feedback on your query. Thanks again.

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