Season’s Greetings – Mia’s top 5 posts for 2020

In celebration of the festive season, our present to our readers is to highlight the five Mia blog posts from 2020 we think are the most important. In this COVID year, the key thing that has stood out to us is the importance of the government/business relationship.

Mia top 5

As we head towards the festive season, we can all agree it has been a very unusual year. Many of us have experienced challenges as well as positive outcomes.

When I reflect on the year through the government/business relationship lens, I’m struck by the importance of a strong and aligned government/business relationship. Many of our 2020 blog posts discuss this relationship and, as always, opportunities to enhance it. Here I discuss my top five.

In March, at the beginning of lockdown #1, we wrote about how government and business need each other. Government cannot achieve its outcomes without a strong business partnership, and of course businesses need government for many things other than just a lucrative contract. The importance of this relationship is heightened during times of an emergency, with emergency management practitioners emphasising the importance of the government and business relationship for building a disaster-resilient country.

engaging government during this crisis

Government and business, we need each other

As government and businesses are challenged by the COVID-19 outbreak, government still needs the business sector to support its response to the crisis and keep other programs going. We explore how to support and engage with government during this difficult time. MORE…

The need for a strong and aligned government/business relationship was demonstrated through Melbourne’s hotel quarantine disaster. In August I provided my thoughts on why the program failed: but at the centre was a lack of a strong and aligned government and business relationship. Government must understand industry capacity, capability and response times; in turn, industry must identify with government’s priorities to effectively build a disaster-resilient country. And, you know what? In times of emergency, responding to that emergency effectively may have to take precedence over other procurement policies such as social procurement.

government procurement capabilities

It was only a matter of time… How government can avoid the next hotel quarantine bungle

As information emerges about Victoria’s bungled hotel quarantine system, there are strong signs the debacle is the result of poor government procurement capabilities. MORE…

Of course, the government and business relationship must play out at all levels of government. In September we wrote about the role of local government in upskilling local businesses; these are businesses that are needed for municipalities to become resilient. We all became used to hanging out in our 5km zones, and now continue to appreciate buying and supporting local. I hope that an outcome of our COVID year is a focus back on building services in our regional and metropolitan towns.

local government tenders upskilling local business

Local government’s role in upskilling local business

Local governments can make a huge difference to the small business sector by upskilling local business in areas such as local government tenders to drive overall economic development. MORE…

We rounded out the year with a look at social procurement trends around Australia and key wins for businesses across sectors in the Victorian State Budget. In times of recovery, the government/business relationship takes on a new role: supporting disadvantaged cohorts through government spend, providing incentives for businesses to grow markets and innovate in response to the emergency, and creating jobs – and hope. The state budget certainly provides opportunities for this recovery, but it will only be achieved through a strong and aligned government/business relationship.

social procurement

Social Procurement trends around Australia

We discuss some of the social procurement trends across Australian states and territories, and outline ways businesses can get themselves social procurement ready. MORE…

Victorian Budget Federal Budget

Key wins for businesses in the Victorian State Budget 2020

The recent Victorian State Budget 2020 has winners and losers… more winners! Here’s our bird’s eye view of where the many opportunities lie for businesses. MORE…

Personally, this year has had many highs and a few lows, but throughout I have been very proud of how Mia and its people have responded and worked as a team. I also want to thank our clients and partners for their ongoing support.

I wish all of our readers a safe and happy Christmas and holiday break and look forward to the opportunities 2021 brings.

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