Mia’s top 5 posts for 2018

In celebration of the festive season, our present to readers is a list of the five Mia blog posts from 2018 we think are the most important. Read on to discover important government policies, strategies and tendering requirements that suppliers to government need to be aware of.
Season’s Greetings to all!

Around this time last year, we wrote a blog post called Prepare now for government business in the new year. We could just as easily write the same thing now, because it holds true again – and will continue to do so next year (and the year after…).

The basic message is this: Government agencies and departments don’t necessarily go dormant over January. In Victoria this is particularly true with an unchanged government that will be keen to keep implementing its agenda. Even the associated Machinery of Government changes should only cause minimal disruption to how you engage with Government (other than key transport and some corporate services functions). The Federal Government will not be slowing down either, with an election due before the end of the second quarter of 2019.

Successful businesses will therefore be those ready to implement their engagement plans from January.

So (in what will doubtless become our annual mantra) why not get a head start on creating new government business in 2019 by planning now for government conversations that need to happen early in the new year? (READ POST)

While we’re looking back…

Over the past few years, we’ve been writing regular blog posts in our EYE ON GOVERNMENT series. These posts largely cover government policies, strategies and tendering requirements that suppliers to (primarily) Victorian Government departments and agencies need to be aware of.

In celebration of the festive season, we’ve reviewed our published posts for 2018 and selected the five we think are the most important. With an unchanged government in Victoria, these policies and requirements are likely to gain even greater traction in 2019 and onwards.

So, if you are a supplier to the Victorian Government (or are aspiring to be), below are the top Mia posts we recommend you head back to read.

Mia’s Top 5 for 2018

VIPP, LIDP, Local Content, ANZ Value! What do they all mean?

VIPP, LIDP, Local Content, ANZ ValueIf you are responding to a tender with a capex that’s greater than $3M, it’s likely you will have encountered terms such as VIPP, LIDP, Local Content and ANZ Value – all related to government policies for driving local investment. This post provides a high-level overview of these policies – with a particular focus on the all-important Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP). Understanding what they mean will boost your chances of winning the tender. (READ POST)

Local Investment Plan: The lowdown on LIP for Strategic Projects

local investment plan LIPIf you are responding to a government tender with a capex that’s greater than $50M, you may be required to submit a Local Investment Plan (LIP) that demonstrates your commitment to broader economic development – such as jobs, supply chains, manufacturing and service industries. This post looks at the requirements of a LIP and provides tips for responding. (READ POST)

Government purchasing panels and prequalification regimes – your ticket to the ball

Many government procurements are only open to businesses that have registered for the required government purchasing panels or prequalification registers. This post looks at how to get your business registered on some of the more prominent federal and state government procurement regimes – spanning technology, construction, marketing and more. You can’t be invited to dance, if you’re not at the ball! (READ POST)

Major Projects Skills Guarantee: How to help up-skill Victoria

The Major Projects Skills Guarantee ensures all of Victoria’s major publicly funded works use local apprentices, trainees or engineering cadets for at least 10% of the project’s total labour hours. It applies primarily to projects in the building and construction, infrastructure and civil engineering sectors. This post aims to de-mystify the MPSG and provides tips for responding to tenders that include this requirement. (READ POST)

Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework means opportunity for all

Introduced in September 2018, Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework introduces new government procurement criteria around social value and inclusion. It represents the first steps towards harnessing the power of government procurement to generate genuine and lasting social change for Victorians. Our post provides an overview of the key aspects of the framework – its objectives, how it will be implemented, and what it will mean for government suppliers. (READ POST)

We look forward to bringing our readers further posts about important government policies and strategies in the new year. Thanks for joining us on the journey in 2018.

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