New RFQ process for Parks Victoria

Did you know Parks Victoria has changed its Request for Quotation (RFQ) process?

Earlier this year, Parks Victoria introduced the VendorPanel platform to manage all RFQs for goods, services and works under $150,000 ($200,000 for construction).

Developed and supported in Victoria, VendorPanel also supports the Victorian Government’s eServices Register and is used by many local governments to support their procurements.

For any businesses engaging with Parks Victoria, or indeed businesses that are likely to engage with Parks Victoria in the future, it’s important that you register with VendorPanel to have access to Parks Victoria RFQ opportunities. Head to the Victorian Government’s tender website for the steps to register.

Even if you are an existing VendorPanel registered supplier (for example through the eServices Register) you must still register to access Parks Victoria RFQ opportunities. The registration process is FREE and only takes a couple of minutes. A Parks Victoria registration will be linked to any existing VendorPanel profile.

Parks Victoria is now implementing four registered supplier lists in VendorPanel to further simplify the RFQ process by incorporating compliance and qualification requirements. These lists encompass:

  • Signs and Barriers
  • Horticulture and Arboriculture
  • Environmental and Heritage Services, and
  • Building Trade, Repairs, Maintenance & Construction.

More information about Parks Victoria procurement is available on the website or email Parks Victoria on Note that Parks Victoria Requests for Tender (RFT) remain available on Tenders.Vic.

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