Mia launches social good program supporting gender equality and family violence services

Mia commits to a social good program providing pro bono bid and grant support to selected social enterprises and not-for-profits supporting gender equality and family violence services.

In reflection and support of the Victorian Government’s social procurement agenda, Mia has announced our official corporate social good program. The program will provide selected not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises each year with pro bono bid and grant support to increase their chances of winning government tenders and grants.

Mia social good program
Mia announced a social good program supporting gender equality and family violence services in the presence of special guest, Dr Rosie Batty AO – pictured (centre) with Mia Director Deirdre Diamante (left) and Mia Junior Consultant and Social-Sustainability Officer, Georgia Bunker (right).

We announced our commitment at our annual networking event on Thursday 27 February at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre in Melbourne, in the presence of inspirational 2015 Australian of the Year and Family Violence campaigner, Dr Rosie Batty AO. In conversation with Mia Director Deirdre Diamante, Dr Batty spoke on how we all need to take personal responsibility for driving gender equality and not be afraid to challenge convention and call out disrespectful behaviour.

Mia has long championed gender equality through our involvement in the TechDiversity Foundation and Awards, which Deirdre co-founded. Our social good program will likewise support acknowledged NFPs, charities and social enterprises that drive gender equality, provide family violence and recovery services, and deliver family services. To be eligible, enterprises must be applying for a Victorian public sector grant or contract (state or local government).

Eligible enterprises are invited to apply for one of a number of possible services – such as research and identification of relevant grants and tenders, planning a grant/bid response including win themes, writing or review of a grant/bid response, or delivery of a team workshop around government bids/grants. Each application will be assessed based on merit, based on the nature of the submission to government and the type of Mia support requested. Please contact Mia Chief Operating Officer, Diem Huynh, for further information.

Our social good program forms the first component of Mia’s corporate social procurement strategy to help meet the goals of the Victorian social procurement framework. We’ll be announcing further details of our commitment, which includes corporate sustainability initiatives, in the coming weeks. We also intend to publicly report on the number of enterprises we have supported at the end of the year.

Since Victoria’s social procurement framework was launched in September 2018, its goals have become an integral part of the evaluation of potential government suppliers.

After working with clients to define corporate strategies and practices to show how they meet – or intend to meet – these social and sustainability objectives, we figured it was time to implement our own! We encourage all government suppliers to consider what your business can do in turn to support the social enterprise sector.

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