Mia’s TAKE2 pledge to fight climate change

Mia has taken Victoria’s TAKE2 Climate Change Pledge – and we encourage all our networks to do it too!

Mia has recently chosen to “TAKE2”, joining thousands of Victorians pledging to fight climate change via Sustainability Victoria’s collective program. Our TAKE2 climate change pledge is to conduct our business in the most sustainable way possible to reduce the impact our business practices have on the environment.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing governments, businesses and individuals in the 21st century and it will continue to shape and impact our societies as we progress through the decades. The impacts are wide and varied; they have already influenced changes in policy, had an economic impact on various industries and created positive business opportunities across sectors.

Mia cares about fostering a socially responsible business environment, in addition to adapting to current business and government trends. For these reasons, we’re participating in Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 initiative.

TAKE2 climate change pledge

What is TAKE2?

TAKE2 is Victoria’s collective climate change program supporting individuals, government, business and other organisations to help our state achieve net zero emissions by 2050. It is intended to encourage businesses from a range of industries and sectors to think about their environmental impact and reduce it to help make Victoria a more sustainable state.

Each participating business is taking steps to position itself for a low carbon future, and many are investing in tools and technologies that will result in significantly lower operating costs.

Businesses that TAKE2 have the chance to join over 1,000 Victorian organisations that have taken the pledge. Small operators and big businesses from a range of industries and sectors are all part of the growing network. Some are just starting out and others are advanced in taking action on climate change.

Essentially, it’s a collective climate change program that supports individuals, business, government, educational and community organisations to take meaningful action to reduce climate change. The program is the first state government-led pledge initiative in Australia and one of the most comprehensive pledge programs of its kind in the world.

Mia’s TAKE2 climate change pledge

Mia has pledged to undertake a range of sustainable business actions to fight climate change. These span the categories of business leadership, purchasing and supply chains, products and services, waste reduction, transport and fleet, emissions offsets, equipment and energy management.

The complete list of our commitments can be viewed on our Mia climate change pledge page, including target deadlines to achieve each action.

Our first completed actions include:

  • Appointing a Sustainability Officer (Georgia Bunker)
  • Requesting all Mia team members to make individual TAKE2 Pledges
  • Encouraging clients, members and networks to TAKE2

We’ll keep our page updated and share our progress throughout the year.

Why you should take the pledge too

As part of taking the TAKE2 climate change pledge, both businesses and individuals choose actions and receive a clear plan on what you need to do to join the fight on climate change. By pledging you also have the chance to:

  • Receive ongoing advice and support from TAKE2
  • Save money from lower energy bills and/or operating costs.
  • Promote your climate change efforts and receive recognition for the work you’re doing
  • Become part of a powerful network of over 13,000 TAKE2 members.

Pledging also adds you into the pledge directory, where others are able to look up your business and the actions you have pledged to take.

Example actions you can take

You don’t have to be a big business to commit to making a difference.

TAKE2 provides a series of actions to guide the next stage of your climate change journey. Actions are different for each member group and Sustainability Victoria tailored lists to suit households, businesses (both large and small), local governments, educational institutions and community organisations. Some examples include:

  • Do an energy assessment to understand how your business uses energy
  • Encourage staff to turn off equipment they’re not using
  • Maintain equipment for best performance/longer life/less turn over (e.g. laptops and phones)
  • Get the most from IT systems; use energy efficient equipment or cloud-based services
  • Encourage staff to use public transport for work-related purposed and commuting
  • Car pool where possible – for both commuting or business purposes
  • Assess and monitor your business’s carbon emissions
  • Buy carbon offsets for air travel
  • Do a waste assessment to understand how to minimise waste
  • Develop a waste management plan
  • Set waste reduction targets
  • Monitor waste and report against these targets
  • Separate recyclable materials and investigate recycling options
  • Develop a sustainable procurement policy
  • Buy products and services from businesses that are reducing their carbon emissions

For more information or to make the TAKE2 climate change pledge visit: https://pledge.take2.vic.gov.au/

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