Mia on the ground in Canberra with Tim Morton joining the team

Mia is delighted to announce that we’ve been joined by a Canberra-based team member, Tim Morton, offering on-the-ground support for federal government engagement and creation of business opportunities.
Tim Morton Mia
Tim Morton

Tim Morton has almost 20 years’ experience as a federal public servant, having worked in the Departments of Education, Veterans Affairs and Defence, in roles spanning systems projects, human resources, training and development, policy development and management. He also established and has owned a thriving health and fitness business for more than two decades.

“For many years our clients have wanted us to replicate our services in other states and the federal government,” said Deirdre Diamante, Founding Director Mia. “A core element of our success in Victoria is having consultants who have themselves worked for government agencies – so they appreciate and understand government culture and processes to provide our clients with an inside edge.”

Tim’s Canberra location and considerable public service and business experience make him a valuable addition to our team, working with those of our clients seeking to develop or expand relationships with federal agencies. This represents a great opportunity for businesses with a Canberra presence, and Victorian businesses seeking national contracts.

Tim has a bachelor of economics (ANU 1985), Post Graduate Certificate in Management (Monash 1992) and Diploma in Fitness and Recreation (CIT Canberra, 2001). We welcome him to the team!

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