Mia appointed to Victorian Government Professional Advisory Services panel

After an open tender process, Mia has been added to the Victorian Government’s State Purchase Contract (SPC) for the provision of Professional Advisory Services (PAS) to government departments and agencies.

Mia joins some 180 suppliers on the Professional Advisory Services (PAS) panel, which is managed by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF).

The objective of the contract is to provide consistent and high quality professional advisory services to the Victorian Government, and is mandatory for all departments bound by the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) procurement policies. By being on the panel, Mia is now eligible to provide commercial advisory services to government in the following areas:

  • Business Case Preparation and Development
  • Market Engagement and Implementation (incorporating procurement), and
  • General Commercial Advice (incorporating commercial negotiations).

Our key service offerings include business case development, financial analysis and modelling, procurement (with a focus on procurement strategy and tendering), probity, governance, and general commercial advice as it relates to the government sector. A further arm of our business is dispute resolution and negotiation delivered by our nationally accredited mediator and Mia Principal.

Combining our deep public sector knowledge and extensive commercial experience, Mia has a solid track record in delivering these advisory services to both the public and private sectors over the past seven years. We have worked with the state and federal governments in shaping procurement policies, including probity and market engagement policies, and also on capital program frameworks with a focus on governance.

Our appointment to the PAS panel represents an increased focus of the business on government procurement, complementing our government advisory services.

We look forward to growing our relationship with government agencies over the course of this contract.

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  1. Steve Bungay

    Congratulation! This is great!

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