How to become a government supplier – webinar

25th May 2020

12:00-1:30pm Monday 25 May, 2020


Online via Zoom

Are you using these challenging times to re-envisage your business model, find new sales opportunities and upskill your team? Learn how to position your business with government, a large and reliable client.

government supplierWhile the private sector may have slowed down, governments are doing all they can to continue operating. Governments want and need to work with industry to carry out their programs and activities. They are a large and reliable market that is worth taking into account.

However, doing business with government is different from doing business with the private sector. To be a successful government supplier, you need to learn how to navigate the government environment and understand a different set of priorities.

Mia’s acclaimed webinar, founded on our ‘10 tips for winning government business’, will help you understand how to position your business with government and get started on the path to becoming a government supplier.

Topics covered – How to become a government supplier

  • The government as buyer and how government priorities influence its dealings with industry
  • An introduction to the unique government procurement environment
  • Preparing government bids – What to do and what not to do to maximise your chances of winning government tenders, proposals and grants
  • Why responding to tenders is important, even if you don’t win
  • How to approach and market your value proposition to government

Who should attend

  • Business owners, sales and business development professionals, account managers, marketing managers, delivery managers etc
  • Relevant for large organisations and small to medium enterprises across all industry sectors.


Deirdre Diamante’s vast knowledge of government business practices is derived from over 15 years’ involvement in government bids and awarding business.


Tickets with Zoom details can be purchased below via Eventbrite for $25. All proceeds will be donated to Doncare, a not-for-profit organisation that provides community support to vulnerable and disadvantaged children, adults and families in the City of Manningham and surrounds.


  • Event Speaker
    Deirdre Diamante
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