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10th September 2018 — 13th November 2018

Monday 10 September, 2018 — Tuesday 13 November, 2018



If the idea of tendering for government business has you scratching your head about where to start, or sends you screaming in a tangle of red tape... think again.

The Australian government sector spends billions annually procuring products and services. And it’s not just big business that wins government contracts. Small business, too, has an equal chance to make the Victorian Government (one of the largest buyers of products and services in Australia) your next customer.

If you’re not putting your business forward as a potential supplier, you’re missing out. This workshop will show you, step by step, how to maximise your chances of success.

>> Learn everything you need to know to position your business to stand out and win one of the many tender and contract opportunities regularly available.

>> Understand how each level of government – local, state and federal – is different and get to grips with the terminology, the protocols and processes that must be followed when bidding for government tenders and grants or responding to requests to quote.

>> Learn how to make your proposal stand out and find out how your business will be evaluated.

>> Get the inside story straight from the mouths of the decision-makers on where to source opportunities.

>> Take away useful resources, checklists and templates, hints and practical tips to follow.

Winning Government Business: What you need to know is a workshop developed by Mia in collaboration with Small Business Victoria. Mia has been presenting this workshop since 2014, with many success stories.

Forthcoming dates, times and locations – 2018

Monday 10 September, 10am-1:30pm | Hosted by East Gippsland Shire Council at RSL Bairnsdale, 2 Bairnsdale-Forge Creek Rd Bairnsdale VIC, E21170 (Official event page)

Tuesday 2 October, 9am-1:00pm | Hosted by Master Builders at 332 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC, E21227

Tuesday 13 November, 9:30am-1:00pm | Hosted by Master Builders at 332 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC, E21234 (Official event page)


  • Event Speaker
    Deirdre Diamante
    Director Mia
  • Event Speaker
    Carol Benton
    Director Bids and Grants, Mia


Winning Government Business: What you need to know
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