We first engaged Mia for tender support almost five years ago. In that time there have been many occasions when we have consulted with Deirdre for advice on the government environment. The open lines of communication we have with Mia, and the relaxed nature of our ongoing relationship, are highly valued. Our team gained valuable skills from the in-house workshop on winning government business, and by following Mia’s recommended tendering strategies we are winning more contracts. Through government engagement support we continue to grow our government business networks, identify and create more opportunities.

Aaron Organ
Director and Principal Ecologist, Ecology & Heritage Partners

Since late 2013, Infosys Portland has worked with Mia with the objective of creating a deeper engagement with the Victorian Government. The relationship has strengthened our understanding of the Victorian Government’s procurement landscape and priorities, helped us increase our engagements with key government contacts, and better positioned our firm to receive RFQs for our procurement services.

Prior to our journey with Deirdre and Mia, we felt at the edge of the Victorian Government; now we feel firmly placed within the government procurement environment as key players being asked to provide procurement thought leadership and participate in quotes. We also feel more confident in proposing services using the strong business relationships we have created using Mia’s recommended tendering and engagement strategies.

Adam Bock
Director, Infosys Portland

Salsa Digital has been working with Mia for over two years now. Deirdre’s strategies and knowledge of the government landscape — including her understanding of the key stakeholders around digital transformation in government — have played a large role in our successful move from a predominantly private sector client base into government.

Deirdre serves as an excellent sounding board – I often pick up the phone to seek her valuable input, which alone is worth its weight in gold. Mia has also helped us develop high-level strategies for positioning Salsa Digital when we respond to government tenders, introduced us to key government stakeholders, and helped us to secure a place on the Digital Marketplace panel of digital specialists (run by the Digital Transformation Office). Deirdre is clearly well respected in government, and lends us her credibility with introductions to various agencies.

Deirdre is also a consummate professional, probably one of the most professional consultants I’ve ever worked with. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Deirdre and Mia in the years to come. Mia’s services are an essential part of Salsa Digital’s strategy, marketing and business development plans for the government sector.

Alfred Deeb
Director, Salsa Digital

As a telecommunications company focusing on Government as a key segment of our business, Vertel started working with Mia in 2012. Deirdre’s experience and comprehensive understanding of Victorian public sector procurement practices, along with her unrivalled knowledge of key decision makers, has proved invaluable in helping us to align our business goals with tangible opportunities and timeframes.

Bruce Reid
Sales Manager, Vertel

Over the past 16 months we have engaged the services of Deirdre and the Mia team to assist with our go-to-market strategy for government. Our working relationship has been extremely beneficial, with Deirdre going out of her way to help us succeed, leveraging her large networks of past and present government officials for introductions. This has resulted in us winning business with at least one government agency to-date, and a strategic plan is in place to win many more. We look forward to working with the Mia team well into the future.

Adam Centorrino
Managing Director, Centorrino Technologies

As a small business, we consider Mia to be a key extension of our marketing and business development team. Working closely with Alan and Deirdre has been incredibly useful for ensuring our proposals are aligned with client expectations, and Alan’s ongoing presence within our business has helped build client confidence and ensures we’re on top of any issues as they arise. Overall we make a good team, which has led to two major recent wins and our success rate is improving significantly. We expect our prospective return on investment to be excellent.

Envision IT delivers complex software applications within tight budgets and timeframes using a unique ‘prototype’ practice.

Steve Bungay
Director, Envision IT

We have worked with Mia for the past few years and have found their knowledge, especially in the areas of strategy and tendering for both State and Federal Government contracts, to be excellent.

Deirdre Diamante and Alan Roe were of great assistance to us when we decided to submit a response for a very large Government RFT in 2014. Their expertise and understanding of the requirements of the RFT cannot be underestimated and their continued support and experience in preparing such an important document was invaluable. Luana Carone is currently assisting us with the implementation of the ISO9001 Quality Management System and we have found her advice, attention to detail and familiarity of this system to be incredibly extensive.

BMS Interactive is indebted to Mia for the quality of its advice and the support it has provided, and we look forward continuing our successful business relationship in the years ahead.

Andrew Brydon
Chief Executive Officer, BMS Interactive

Engaging with government was an unfamiliar journey for Enterprise Architects. Through navigating membership of the appropriate panels, assisting to shape successful tender responses and helping us interpret the needs and challenges across departments, Mia has been instrumental in Enterprise Architects’ successes in Victorian Government. We highly value Mia’s insights across all aspects of our engagement with Victorian Government.


Mac Lemon
Managing Director, Enterprise Architects

Nanotech Products first engaged with Mia in 2015 to provide us with a blueprint for a Government Engagement Strategy. This provided us with a key technical resource and introductions to many key personnel within various government departments, as well as information on the tendering processes involved. Since this initial engagement, we now work closely with Deirdre and Alan looking at all aspects of our business development and various government and non-government work. We appreciate Mia’s ongoing input and expertise and look forward to maintaining this relationship as we continue to grow.

Mike Lamb
Nanotech Products

I would highly recommend Mia to any business wanting to work with government, as Mia’s knowledge of Victorian Government process, strategy and people is fantastic – and Deirdre in particular is always coming up with great ideas. Under Mia’s guidance, we’ve been implementing an intricate strategy that we knew from the start would take time to achieve, but we are now close to creating very real government business opportunities.

Gerry Carcour
Chief Executive Officer, GCS Agile