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Deirdre Diamante profile
Deirdre Diamante

Mia co-founder Deirdre Diamante combines her deep understanding of government, extensive procurement expertise and passion for industry development to help forge business connections between industry and government.

Based on 15 years of experience in procurement and governance roles, Deirdre’s intimate knowledge of public sector procurement environments makes her a sought-after advisor by commercial and public sector organisations alike. Her consulting expertise and educational programs help companies of all sizes engage effectively with government and win business. Deirdre also works closely with government to implement industry and procurement programs, and serves as Chair for the Victorian Council of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). Deirdre is a co-founder of the #TechDiversity Foundation, which is committed to increasing women and minority groups within the digital technology industry.

Marcello Diamante profile
Marcello Diamante

As co-founder of Mia, Marcello Diamante leads the overall business, along with its project management team. A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Project Management Professional (PMP), Marcello has held senior roles in finance and project management in both the public and commercial sectors, instilling in him a deep appreciation of government processes and expectations, as well as commercial imperatives. With considerable skills in project management delivery and governance, business case development and commercial advice, Marcello works closely with clients to ensure implementation styles are tailored to suit the needs of each individual organisation, with a focus on collaboration and versatility.

David Watt profile
David Watt
Director Government Strategy

David Watt is an accomplished senior executive with a successful track record working with government and leading teams selling into the public sector. David’s role at Mia includes consulting to our larger clients on holistic government sales and marketing strategies, from initial approach through to contract negotiations. David also heads up Mia’s dispute resolution and negotiation services to assist both government and suppliers successfully resolve difficult and complex commercial/delivery issues that can arise before or during the period of a contract. He is accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS), an industry-based scheme overseen by the Mediation Standards Board (MSB) of Australia.

Carol Benton profile
Carol Benton
Director Bids and Policy

Carol Benton has spent 30 years in corporate sales and marketing, the majority for a large multinational in the technology sector. One of her core skills is proposal and bid development for projects of all sizes, leveraging her passion for communication and ability to translate concepts into clear business messages. She has successfully managed and contributed to proposals that have driven multi-million dollar contracts, with state and local government bodies. Carol’s role at Mia spans a range of consulting, facilitation and educational activities, primarily focused on helping companies prepare successful government proposals and bids.

Diem Huynh profile
Diem Huynh
Chief Operations Officer

Diem Huynh (Yim) is an experienced project manager and business owner, with expertise in business development and improving business performance. Over many years, she has delivered multiple finance, HR and change management projects across the public and private sectors, including a departmental implementation of the Victorian Government Procurement Reform project. Yim drives Mia’s business development and lead management activities, as well as our internal systems and human resources. She is a Chartered Accountant and Prince 2 Certified in project management.

Tim Morton profile
Tim Morton
Senior Manager Government Engagement

Based in Canberra, Tim Morton has almost 20 years’ experience as a federal public servant, having worked in the Departments of Education, Veterans Affairs and Defence, in roles spanning systems projects, human resources, training and development, policy development and management. He also established and has owned a thriving health and fitness business for more than two decades. Tim’s Canberra location and considerable public service and business experience position him on the ground to help Mia’s clients engage with federal government agencies to create and access business opportunities.

Jade Leong profile
Jade Leong
Senior Consultant

Jade Leong has more than 13 years’ experience as a Victorian public sector professional for several different Victorian departments and agencies, and is an alumni of the Victorian Public Service Graduate Program. As a government officer, she worked extensively with the commercial sector to facilitate discussions around policy development, programs and capability, largely in tech. Now part of Mia’s government strategy and engagement team, Jade advises businesses on strategies for building productive and enduring relationships with government. She has a Bachelor of Communications / Bachelor of Multimedia (Applications) from Monash University.

Rob Alexander profile
Rob Alexander
Senior Consultant

Rob Alexander has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, including 15 years management consulting across a range of industries – such as ICT, financial services, health, and emergency services. He has also owned or been a partner in software development and consulting businesses. Harnessing his expertise in business case development, strategic planning, contract negotiation and management, procurement and project implementation, Rob works with Mia’s clients to develop strategies for engaging with government and creating business opportunities. Rob is also a member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIMM) and a PRINCE2 project management practitioner.

Georgia Bunker profile
Georgia Bunker
Junior Consultant

Georgia Bunker is a recent business graduate of Swinburne University, where she built her understanding of research, government policy and project delivery through the prestigious Victorian Parliament Internship program. Having attained a degree in marketing and international relations, she is now undertaking a Masters in Development Studies at the University of Melbourne. Contributing an enthusiasm for marketing, strategy development, and creating business relationships, Georgia supports Mia’s team across the business with development of government engagement strategies, research, procurement and tender support.

Paul Cooper profile
Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper is well known and respected in Melbourne government and IT circles, having held executive roles in both the public and private sectors over a long career. With core skills in digital health, digital innovation, research linkage and translation, Paul specialises in helping organisations make the most effective use of information and digital capabilities. His role at Mia spans coaching and consulting for engagement strategies and government procurement reform. Paul has a PhD in Medical Research and a Grad. Dip. Business (Organisational Development).

John Trabinger profile
John Trabinger

John Trabinger has over 20 years of experience in public and private sector entities as a senior executive in program delivery, policy and program management, and government sales strategies. He was the head of the Commonwealth Government’s Gateway Review Unit and has been a gateway reviewer and evaluator since 2006, reviewing and leading numerous high-profile digital transformation and infrastructure projects/programs. John has experience supporting multinational organisations to shape public sector sales strategies that better support government organisations to achieve their policy outcomes. John’s role at Mia involves supporting businesses that want to build their presence in the ACT, including with the federal government, as well as public sector procurement and commercial support.

Ellen Gregory profile
Ellen Gregory
Communications Specialist

Ellen Gregory is an experienced communications professional and business writer, whose 15-year career spans a range of specialist industry and technology sectors. Her primary role at Mia is to drive communications to our clients, partners and networks across a range of digital platforms, including our email newsletter, website and social media. She also works with industry and government clients on shaping key messages and developing targeted communications that deliver business outcomes.