Government Engagement

Helping clients create business opportunities with government

Understanding the unique environment inhabited by government lies at the heart of successfully doing business with government organisations. This is the foundation of Mia, which has built a strong reputation for demystifying government processes and creating government-business relationships based on merit and fairness.

All governments are bound by strict probity requirements and governance structures, yet depend on working closely with the commercial sector on countless projects. So how do businesses engage with government in a ‘safe’ way and in the ‘right way’?

Mia’s unique range of government engagement services help companies of all sizes succeed in creating business opportunities with government. Working within government processes we help companies recognise the value they can offer government, identify the right government touch points and conduct their approach in a targeted, relevant and cost-effective manner. Our frank and honest advice enables you to approach government with clarity, conviction and confidence.

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Tender Support

Shaping tender responses that hit the mark

Successful tendering is founded on how well a business can differentiate itself from its competitors, not just how well it demonstrates it can do the job. Mia can help you stand out from the crowd and highlight compelling, intelligent and well thought-out reasons why a buyer should choose you. After years of experience in the tendering process, Mia knows exactly what government organisations will regard favourably. We cover all possibilities and outcomes when writing and assessing a tender – some of which you may not have considered.

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Procurement & Governance

Valuing good procurement and project processes

Mia is passionate about procurement. Our procurement and governance services are aimed at building a greater appreciation of the benefits of good procurement and governance practices, and enabling strong outcomes for our clients.

By adhering to correct procurement and governance processes, all buyers are more likely to achieve their desired business outcomes and objectives. These processes should not be considered barriers to project progress or time wasters, but rather practices that help to steer a project, particularly at times of higher risk.

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Training & Workshops

Building in-house capability strengthens performance for business and government

Developing your in-house knowledge base will empower your team and help your organisation to confidently do business with government or run effective procurements. By taking a Mia workshop, individuals and organisations will gain key knowledge they can harness to achieve the best possible outcomes and opportunities for your business to thrive.

Mia offers several training* options, from half-day seminars to intensive multi-day interactive and collaborative workshops. Our industry-focused seminars and workshops are currently offered through partners such as Swinburne University and Business Victoria, but can also be tailored for a specific industry sector and delivered within a corporate environment. Mia takes great care to listen to your requirements, as we know all organisations have unique environments and cultures.

* Mia is not a registered training organisation (RTO) and does not provide accreditation.

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Quality Management

Helping clients meet government quality expectations

Government places high importance on consistency, process and quality of delivery, making quality management a highly weighted section of any government tender document. In fact, the presence of a quality management system (QMS) can also be a mandatory tendering requirement.

At Mia we understand what government is looking for when it comes to a QMS. Our comprehensive range of quality management, auditing and certification services help our clients stand out from the crowd.

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