Government Engagement

Helping clients create business opportunities with government

Understanding the unique environment inhabited by government lies at the heart of successfully doing business with government organisations. This is the foundation of Mia, which has built a strong reputation for demystifying government processes and creating government-business relationships based on merit and fairness.

All governments are bound by strict probity requirements and governance structures, yet depend on working closely with the commercial sector on countless projects. So how do businesses engage with government in a ‘safe’ way and in the ‘right way’?

Mia’s unique range of government engagement services help companies of all sizes succeed in creating business opportunities with government. Working within government processes we help companies recognise the value they can offer government, identify the right government touch points and conduct their approach in a targeted, relevant and cost-effective manner. Our frank and honest advice enables you to approach government with clarity, conviction and confidence.


Government engagement strategies

Government engagement strategies are best suited to businesses that recognise government as the next level of market growth and have sufficient dedication and resources. If you execute a full Mia government engagement strategy, we guarantee new government business after 12 months.

Akin to a marketing or account management plan, a government engagement strategy is solely focused on your business’s strategic goals for creating business opportunities with government. We’ll work with you to thoroughly understand your specific business and growth objectives, and develop a 12-month action plan for your team to execute. Our expert guidance, and the way we work with you to achieve your goals, enables a clear, comprehensive and cohesive approach.

A Mia engagement strategy:

  • confidently and comprehensively identifies your business offering and unique value proposition in terms government organisations respond to
  • identifies target organisations that have a need for your specific solution, including key government projects, strategies and initiatives
  • identifies key contact points (names and contact details) for target government organisations, and
  • provides guidance (script, project timeline) on how to execute the engagement strategy.

After 12 months, your Mia engagement strategy, if fully executed, will see you earning new government business.

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Market-led proposals

If your business is considering submitting a market-led proposal to a Victorian government organisation, Mia will work with you to develop a proposal that meets the key criteria, and resonates with its intended audience.

A market-led proposal is a proposal by the private sector to deliver a solution to the Victorian Government that strongly delivers against government priorities and objectives, and that cannot be procured through a standard government procurement process. Typically a market-led proposal should look at developing a partnership with government to better shape government programs and infrastructure.

A Mia market-led proposal:

  • ensures your solution has a unique value proposition that will be viewed favourably by government before committing resources to the proposal
  • implements a stakeholder management strategy to provide evidence your solution is needed among relevant government organisations
  • ensures your proposal aligns with short-term government commitments and longer term strategies, and
  • delivers a proposal that ticks all the probity and governance boxes.
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Government relationship coaching

Mia works with businesses and corporations as a trusted advisor to ensure government sales resources are working like a well-oiled machine. We’ll work with you to help identify areas where a level of refocusing will sharply accelerate your selling efforts, optimise your resources, and strengthen the capability of your sales team. Our government relationship coaching services are individually tailored for your corporation’s needs, and span a range of bundled services:

  • Government account/business opportunity strategy development or refinement
  • Key government relationship heat maps for targeted and coordinated approaches
  • Refinement of the unique value proposition to increase government receptiveness
  • Identification of competitive differentiation
  • Gaining stakeholder support
  • Quality analysis of tender responses
  • One-on-one sales coaching

As an outcome of our coaching services, your account team will understand:

  • key inter-relationships between government agencies, including funding sources
  • how to successfully and safely navigate government to create a climate of acceptance to your value proposition
  • government’s key policy objectives that a solution/value proposition must align with
  • how to use government process for procurement of your solution, and
  • the probity and process environment that could hinder or even stop your selling efforts.
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