Training & Workshops

Building in-house capability strengthens performance for business and government

Developing your in-house knowledge base will empower your team and help your organisation to confidently do business with government or run effective procurements. By taking a Mia workshop, individuals and organisations will gain key knowledge they can harness to achieve the best possible outcomes and opportunities for your business to thrive.

Mia offers several training* options, from half-day seminars to intensive multi-day interactive and collaborative workshops. Our industry-focused seminars and workshops are currently offered through partners such as Swinburne University and Business Victoria, but can also be tailored for a specific industry sector and delivered within a corporate environment. Mia takes great care to listen to your requirements, as we know all organisations have unique environments and cultures.

* Mia is not a registered training organisation (RTO) and does not provide accreditation.


Workshop: Complex Tender Writing

With a keen focus on government and commercial tendering practices, this workshop will show you how to prepare high-quality tender and quotation responses to increase your chances of winning contracts.

  • Learn how government manages a tender process from evaluation through to contract award.
  • Develop a suite of responses to typical tender questions specific for your business.
  • Understand government quality expectations and how to meet them.
  • Score highly on tenders and learn the power of offering value-adds.
  • Understand and apply the concept of value for money.

See Mia’s Events page for dates and details about Complex Tender Writing workshops currently scheduled. The workshop can also be tailored to a particular business and offered as an in-house corporate training program.

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Workshop: Creating Business Opportunities with Government

This workshop demonstrates how to effectively engage with government agencies and market your products and services to create new business opportunities.

  • Gain inside knowledge of government structure, directions and personnel.
  • Learn how to align your product or service offering with published government strategy.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your service offering to the right person in government.
  • Develop a government engagement strategy for implementation.

See Mia’s Events page for dates and details about Creating Business Opportunities with Government workshops currently scheduled. The workshop can also be tailored to a particular business and offered as an in-house corporate training program.

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Corporate workshops – Government Strategy and Planning

Designed for corporations that want to leverage a potential strategic government business opportunity, these tailored workshops provide deeper insight into a particular initiative and hone the existing sales skills of your account executive team. Mia’s depth of knowledge and expertise are founded on extensive government experience and large networks.

Within a corporate environment, these workshops can:

  • Promote a coordinated marketing and engagement strategy across your organisation that will increase your corporation’s return on investment across government.
  • Progress specific government opportunities by effectively managing complex procurement, governance and inter-related issues.
  • Identify and address specific knowledge/skill gaps in your organisation that are hindering you from increasing your share of government business.
  • Further enhance your account executive team’s understanding of how to maximise government interactions and how to maximise results.
  • Improve your company’s tendering and proposal success rate with government.
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Workshop: Winning Government Business

This workshop is a condensed (half day or full day) form of Mia’s Complex Tender Writing and Creating Business Opportunities with Government workshops. It can be tailored for delivery to individual businesses and industry/special interest groups. Mia also delivers this workshop through Small Business Victoria. See our Events page for confirmed dates and venues.

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Procurement workshops

Mia offers customised workshops for teams needing to build procurement capability. The workshops cover:

  • everything you need to know about probity and why it’s essential
  • basic procurement skills – including how to seek quotations and managing a contractor
  • advanced procurement processes – including strategic planning, tender management and evaluation, offering tender debriefs and contract management, and
  • governance – how to establish, maintain and report on governance arrangements to ensure procurements are successfully focussed on benefits realisation and risk minimisation.
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