Procurement & Governance

Valuing good procurement and project processes

Mia is passionate about procurement. Our procurement and governance services are aimed at building a greater appreciation of the benefits of good procurement and governance practices, and enabling strong outcomes for our clients.

By adhering to correct procurement and governance processes, all buyers are more likely to achieve their desired business outcomes and objectives. These processes should not be considered barriers to project progress or time wasters, but rather practices that help to steer a project, particularly at times of higher risk.

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Strategic Industry Engagement

Helping government agencies make meaningful connections with industry

Government has an ongoing and increasing need to communicate and engage with industry. This could be to deliver on a specific agenda, advise of new initiatives and work programs, or invite co-design and co-production. Clear communication and intelligent perceptions are essential. Above all, intrinsic to all programs is the need to adhere to strict probity requirements.

Mia comprehensively understands the cultures of both government and industry, and we keep abreast of developments in both sectors. Our strategic industry engagement services help government agencies reach out to the commercial sector in a manner that both satisfies government probity and procurement requirements, and recognises industry imperatives and drivers.

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