Dispute Resolution and Negotiation

Protecting important working relationships

In most working relationships, there is the potential for conflict to arise. Even the smallest dispute, if not managed appropriately, can escalate into something with significant impact and cost for all parties.

It’s important for government agencies to have effective and productive working relationships – whether with key suppliers in the commercial sector, internal groups or other government agencies – to prevent small misunderstandings from creating ongoing conflicts.

Whether this is a misunderstanding, small project dispute, or looming conflict, the services of an independent trained mediator or negotiator might be just what is needed to circumvent any disputes, or resolve them before they escalate.

Mia’s Dispute Resolution and Negotiation services are delivered by a nationally accredited mediator. They help resolve situations that are damaging, or have the potential to damage, working relationships between organisations in either the public or commercial sectors.

  • Mediation – assisting (without bias) two or more organisations to resolve disputes and reach mutually agreed outcomes that best meet the needs of both sides
  • Negotiation – assisting agencies to negotiate commercial outcomes (for existing arrangements or those just beginning), inter/intra government agreements, manage stakeholder engagement etc
  • Relationship health check – evaluations that protect and improve working relationships with sound governance