Procurement & Governance

Valuing good procurement and project processes

Mia is passionate about procurement. Our procurement and governance services are aimed at building a greater appreciation of the benefits of good procurement and governance practices, and enabling strong outcomes for our clients.

By adhering to correct procurement and governance processes, all buyers are more likely to achieve their desired business outcomes and objectives. These processes should not be considered barriers to project progress or time wasters, but rather practices that help to steer a project, particularly at times of higher risk.


Tendering and procurement services

Mia provides experienced support for simple and complex procurements – from one buyer to a group of buyers or buying agencies. We believe procurement is about more than following process for its own sake; we work with our clients to ensure the most appropriate processes and tools are used to achieve the best outcome.

Procurement is an enabler and we are passionately committed to ensuring procurement is implemented in an efficient, invigorating and effective manner. We know one size doesn’t fit all.

Mia procurement services encompass:

  • the establishment or review of a procurement environment
  • development or review of procurement tools and templates
  • planning, development and execution of procurement strategies, and
  • advice and support on probity and governance.
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Procurement and governance workshops

Mia’s in-depth working knowledge of procurement and governance, combined with our dynamic expertise in facilitation, puts us in the ideal position to work with government agencies to develop and deliver procurement and governance workshops for a public sector audience. These workshops are individually tailored and delivered to a range of personnel, from senior executives through to project practitioners, as required. They may span areas including:

  • Simple procurement – transaction-based procurement, quotations, simple evaluations, value for money and the debrief process
  • Complex procurement – strategic or high value/high complexity tenders, evaluations, risk management, negotiations and debriefs
  • Probity – establishing and managing a probity environment, and
  • Governance – establishing and operating within a governance environment.
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Project management

For both industry and government, Mia offers extensive project management services for both small and large-scale implementations, with a proven track record in procurement, ICT, infrastructure and capital asset programs. We take an approach that is clear and cohesive, with every contingency considered and evaluated.

Procurement projects. Mia offers project management services across the procurement lifecycle – from scoping the business requirement, to managing the tender process, and implementing the selected solution. Tendering and evaluation often together present the largest component of project risk, so engaging a project manager who also has in-depth procurement skills instils significant peace of mind. Mia can provide combined procurement and project management services to help ensure your business procures exactly what it needs to the required specifications.

Government engagement strategies. Combining our government knowledge and project management expertise, we can also project manage the implementation of government engagement strategies. We can help ensure you keep on track with your approaches to government and follow up appropriately. While we can’t attend your meetings for you, we can help you set them up and guide you towards success.

System implementation. You’ve just won a significant contract, but maybe you don’t have many resources on the ground to implement the solution. Mia can provide on-the-ground project management of the implementation, working with your key employees and customers to help deliver your solution on time and to specification.

Our project management capability is underpinned by considerable experience and expertise in line with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology and the globally recognised Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation. We operate in accordance with industry best-practice project management processes, and keeping own learning up to date to ensure you have access to the latest, freshest innovations and conventions in the industry.

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