Strategic Industry Engagement

Helping government agencies make meaningful connections with industry

Government has an ongoing and increasing need to communicate and engage with industry. This could be to deliver on a specific agenda, advise of new initiatives and work programs, or invite co-design and co-production. Clear communication and intelligent perceptions are essential. Above all, intrinsic to all programs is the need to adhere to strict probity requirements.

Mia comprehensively understands the cultures of both government and industry, and we keep abreast of developments in both sectors. Our strategic industry engagement services help government agencies reach out to the commercial sector in a manner that both satisfies government probity and procurement requirements, and recognises industry imperatives and drivers.


Communications plans

Mia works with government agencies to create industry-facing communications plans that take probity requirements into account and incorporate strategies, tools and terminology that resonate with industry. Each plan is tailored to meet specific objectives, and may recommend a mix of digital communications, information sessions, collaborative workshops and focus groups.

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Industry facilitation

Implementation of communications strategies often involves presenting directly to the industry sector/s in question. Mia will facilitate the required information sessions, including:

  • working with government stakeholders to understand the message to be delivered
  • liaising with key industry stakeholders to understand how the message will be received and what will make a difference to industry
  • development of effective, compelling content that genuinely resonates with industry
  • organisation and management of the information session, and
  • delivery of the content to assembled industry stakeholders.
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Industry engagement workshops

In the event government is seeking consultation and feedback from industry, Mia will facilitate industry workshops and/or focus group sessions to support the desired outcome (for example, development of new policy or technology standards, or to support a procurement). This may involve:

  • working with government stakeholders to understand the desired outcome in detail
  • liaising with key industry stakeholders to understand the corresponding commercial environment
  • development of workshop strategy and content to support the agenda, fully incorporating probity requirements while giving industry a voice
  • organisation, management and facilitation of the workshop.
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